snow moon 2019: week 4

Anahata Katkin

Anahata Katkin

Valentine’s Day is behind us, and the full moon swiftly followed it on February 19th. This is the perfect time for setting intentions, as all full moons, bringing projects to a close, reflecting on actions taken and courageously facing matters of the heart, emotions and intuition. A great way to do this is by creating a tincture for Anahata, the fourth chakra, to cleanse, open and renew.

I like to do this yearly, creating one to two batches in small ½ gal carboys that I can write loving intention and mandala on, letting these words and sigils of universal connection imprint on the molecules throughout the year.

Each batch should aged in a cool, dark place for 6-8 weeks, racked or strained into another (preferably glass) vessel and left to sit for another 2-4 weeks before use.

After this process is finished, I like to funnel my Anahata cleanse into 2oz medicinal vials with droppers, taking only a half-full dropper to a 1 full dropper in water or tea during detoxes and cleanses throughout the day.

I have also used this tincture in wedding ceremonies. After burning sage throughout the space, the tincture is imbibed by both parties, opening their hearts to communication, friendship, passion and love as they move from the space of two individuals into a connected union.

I like to use a slow simmering process, involving dried chilies, cocoa nibs, motherwort, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, rose hips and raw honey. These are elements that are wonderful for cleansing the cardiovascular system, promoting friendship, love and compassion.

What other ways can we cleanse and open our hearts at the end of this snow moon season? Join the abndnce tribe every Tuesday as we move through the lunar cycle discussing garden preparations, helpful herbs and more!

snow moon 2019: week 3

coltsfoot live.jpg

Tussilago farfara, also known as coltsfoot, is one of the first herbs to arrive after the quiet winter. Identified by its fuzzy, yellow flower that resembles small dandelion, this plant is beneficial for temporary relief of symptomatic coughing.

It is at its best when dried and used in tea, tinctures and also as a smoke. Again, take heed, this plant is not to be used regularly, but for spasmodic cough or coughing fits. The tea, tincture and syrup assist in relieving current throat and lung irritants while the smoking of the dried herb can be extremely beneficial in soothing and relief of cough tension.

Another way to utilize the herb is by drying the leaves and infusing them in brandy to be added with natural cough syrups. One great identifier of coltsfoot is the silver, fuzzy epidermis on the back of her large leaves. Plants and herbs with this back leaf texture are often common place for plants and herbs that can be beneficial to parts of the body with cilia (i.e. the throat and lungs) similar to this texture.

snow moon 2019: week 2


seed sourcing and preparation are two of the most important things to focus on during this time. What are the plants and herbs you would like to grow? Where would you like your garden to be? Is it inside or outside your home? Do you have a large or small space? How many hours of sun will your garden have? These are all key factors in giving your garden the utmost potential for growth and abundance. Another larger factor that often gets overlooked is being honest with yourself about how much time you actually have to give to your garden.

A person who has 20 hours a week to dedicate to their garden can do much more with their time and space than someone who has, say, five hours to dedicate. We often have lofty dreams about the kind of garden we would like to establish, the plants we would like to grow. But plants are delicate and require much nurturing in their early stages. Being honest with yourself about how much time you can truly dedicate to your plants and space can often be the linchpin between a successful garden and one that inevitably fails.

Take time to answer these prevalent questions before creating a garden plan. Research plants that will be most suited to your space, time and needs. Don’t plant broccoli and kale in a full sun garden without shade cover knowing full well that you will only be able to water them twice a week. This is setting yourself for failure and disappointment. Know your limits and the limits of the environment you’ve been given.

When you begin to think of your garden as an extension or metaphor for your own life, you will begin to care for your garden in the similar healthy ways that you would care for yourself.

snow moon 2019: week 1


also known as the bone moon, february’s moment is the emptiness after the feast. the thin time, the space between knowledge and making space for new growth. in ancient traditions, after the feasts, january was the month of rest and reflection, a time for digesting lessons from the past year. now in the snow moon,the time of scarcity, we make space for intentional release, allowing ourselves a quiet place made to harbor all the potential spring has to offer.

what habits, vices and negative thoughts no longer serve you? what positive steps can you take to let go of ways that you have outgrown? perhaps the snow moon can guide us towards new ways of loving ourselves by letting go of what is already lost and opening our hearts to new seeds of potential.

often, we forget that seeds also need an incubation period before blooming; a time beneath cold soil to crack the outer shells of their defenses. only in this period, hidden beneath the surface can seeds remove their layers to reveal the tender flesh of creation that lies beneath. so too are our hearts and minds like these tiny life forces, grains of sand honed to pearls with time hidden away for the quiet actions to take place. after all, not all growth occurs in the open and often the most important lessons are given space to take root where no one can see.

a detox period could be helpful at this time. take a day or two to let internal organs settle and flush toxins by drinking bone broth for nourishment or enjoying a gentle cup of tea. calendula activates innate healing abilities. ginger releases feelings of anger and frustration, helping us to return to a place of contentment and balance. lavender is a powerful spiritual rejuvenator, an ancient key to settling the mind and bringing our thoughts and actions back to equilibrium. consider other tools you have used for calming your body, soul and spirit in the past. These tools will be key for self care over the next year.

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abndnce is a project dedicated to urban agricultural education and implementation - essentially, helping others become urban gardening warriors with all the tools in place to use them. We believe all people deserve access to fresh produce and want to do our part in helping create this reality. Our workshops and private events promote interactive engagement and education with food insecure communities.

abndnce is also a mantra, a mindset, a living manifestation and soul practice. The definition of abundance is “the plentifulness of good things in life.” Our mission at abndnce is connecting with community and earth to encourage fullness of mind, body and spirit.

To promote this connection, our blog will speak to moon and growth cycles, helpful garden maintenance tips, quick recipes and herbal reviews. So please join the abndnce community in our new journey of growth and learning together.