snow moon 2019: week 1


also known as the bone moon, february’s moment is the emptiness after the feast. the thin time, the space between knowledge and making space for new growth. in ancient traditions, after the feasts, january was the month of rest and reflection, a time for digesting lessons from the past year. now in the snow moon,the time of scarcity, we make space for intentional release, allowing ourselves a quiet place made to harbor all the potential spring has to offer.

what habits, vices and negative thoughts no longer serve you? what positive steps can you take to let go of ways that you have outgrown? perhaps the snow moon can guide us towards new ways of loving ourselves by letting go of what is already lost and opening our hearts to new seeds of potential.

often, we forget that seeds also need an incubation period before blooming; a time beneath cold soil to crack the outer shells of their defenses. only in this period, hidden beneath the surface can seeds remove their layers to reveal the tender flesh of creation that lies beneath. so too are our hearts and minds like these tiny life forces, grains of sand honed to pearls with time hidden away for the quiet actions to take place. after all, not all growth occurs in the open and often the most important lessons are given space to take root where no one can see.

a detox period could be helpful at this time. take a day or two to let internal organs settle and flush toxins by drinking bone broth for nourishment or enjoying a gentle cup of tea. calendula activates innate healing abilities. ginger releases feelings of anger and frustration, helping us to return to a place of contentment and balance. lavender is a powerful spiritual rejuvenator, an ancient key to settling the mind and bringing our thoughts and actions back to equilibrium. consider other tools you have used for calming your body, soul and spirit in the past. These tools will be key for self care over the next year.