snow moon 2019: week 2


seed sourcing and preparation are two of the most important things to focus on during this time. What are the plants and herbs you would like to grow? Where would you like your garden to be? Is it inside or outside your home? Do you have a large or small space? How many hours of sun will your garden have? These are all key factors in giving your garden the utmost potential for growth and abundance. Another larger factor that often gets overlooked is being honest with yourself about how much time you actually have to give to your garden.

A person who has 20 hours a week to dedicate to their garden can do much more with their time and space than someone who has, say, five hours to dedicate. We often have lofty dreams about the kind of garden we would like to establish, the plants we would like to grow. But plants are delicate and require much nurturing in their early stages. Being honest with yourself about how much time you can truly dedicate to your plants and space can often be the linchpin between a successful garden and one that inevitably fails.

Take time to answer these prevalent questions before creating a garden plan. Research plants that will be most suited to your space, time and needs. Don’t plant broccoli and kale in a full sun garden without shade cover knowing full well that you will only be able to water them twice a week. This is setting yourself for failure and disappointment. Know your limits and the limits of the environment you’ve been given.

When you begin to think of your garden as an extension or metaphor for your own life, you will begin to care for your garden in the similar healthy ways that you would care for yourself.