snow moon 2019: week 3

coltsfoot live.jpg

Tussilago farfara, also known as coltsfoot, is one of the first herbs to arrive after the quiet winter. Identified by its fuzzy, yellow flower that resembles small dandelion, this plant is beneficial for temporary relief of symptomatic coughing.

It is at its best when dried and used in tea, tinctures and also as a smoke. Again, take heed, this plant is not to be used regularly, but for spasmodic cough or coughing fits. The tea, tincture and syrup assist in relieving current throat and lung irritants while the smoking of the dried herb can be extremely beneficial in soothing and relief of cough tension.

Another way to utilize the herb is by drying the leaves and infusing them in brandy to be added with natural cough syrups. One great identifier of coltsfoot is the silver, fuzzy epidermis on the back of her large leaves. Plants and herbs with this back leaf texture are often common place for plants and herbs that can be beneficial to parts of the body with cilia (i.e. the throat and lungs) similar to this texture.