snow moon 2019: week 4

Anahata Katkin

Anahata Katkin

Valentine’s Day is behind us, and the full moon swiftly followed it on February 19th. This is the perfect time for setting intentions, as all full moons, bringing projects to a close, reflecting on actions taken and courageously facing matters of the heart, emotions and intuition. A great way to do this is by creating a tincture for Anahata, the fourth chakra, to cleanse, open and renew.

I like to do this yearly, creating one to two batches in small ½ gal carboys that I can write loving intention and mandala on, letting these words and sigils of universal connection imprint on the molecules throughout the year.

Each batch should aged in a cool, dark place for 6-8 weeks, racked or strained into another (preferably glass) vessel and left to sit for another 2-4 weeks before use.

After this process is finished, I like to funnel my Anahata cleanse into 2oz medicinal vials with droppers, taking only a half-full dropper to a 1 full dropper in water or tea during detoxes and cleanses throughout the day.

I have also used this tincture in wedding ceremonies. After burning sage throughout the space, the tincture is imbibed by both parties, opening their hearts to communication, friendship, passion and love as they move from the space of two individuals into a connected union.

I like to use a slow simmering process, involving dried chilies, cocoa nibs, motherwort, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, rose hips and raw honey. These are elements that are wonderful for cleansing the cardiovascular system, promoting friendship, love and compassion.

What other ways can we cleanse and open our hearts at the end of this snow moon season? Join the abndnce tribe every Tuesday as we move through the lunar cycle discussing garden preparations, helpful herbs and more!