about abndnce

abndnce is an herbal education company which creates seasonally-based workshops and events focused on interactive and hands-on learning. Whether through constructing modular gardens or creating holistic care products, abndnce uses locally sourced plants and herbs to help everyday people connect with nature through growing and/or utilizing fresh, regional produce no matter the size of their urban footprint.

In 2017, founder Kaia Goodwin, received a People’s Liberty project grant for the initial concept, The Abundance Box. The Abundance Box was a foray into intensive, modular gardening to promote food justice through community empowerment.

In 2018, abndnce received a Leader in Sustainability award from the Greater Cincinnati Office of Environment and Sustainability.

abndnce has worked with People’s Liberty, Lloyd Library and Museum, Home Depot, Center for Closing the Health Gap, Bend in the River Music Festival, La Soupe and the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation.